KD Temptation

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Produktnummer: 7278-5
Produktinformationen "KD Temptation"

Klappkarte mit Umschlag

Breite: 11.5 cm
Höhe: 17 cm
Künstler "Meister, Soizick"

I was born and raised in a small town close to the ocean in Brittany, France. 

During my youth I developed an obsessive attraction for images, words, found items and the desire to travel.

I have a degree from the Design School of Basel. I became a freelance graphic designer for several years, and then jumped to illustrating and painting. I worked for book publishers, magazines, corporate clients and had several painting exhibitions in France and Switzerland.

I traveled and worked on assignment as a photographer and illustrator in different European countries (Greece, Spain, France and Germany) and in New York. Visiting major museums and art fairs, I developed an unlimited admiration for artists like Giotto, Zurbaran, Magritte, David Hockney, Topor, Milton Glaser …, they all nourished my vision of esthetics and helped me to find my own style as an artist/illustrator.

In 2000 I moved to Vancouver, BC with my family. The advanced technology in North America forced me to move into the digital world of computers, internet, digital cameras, blogs etc. offering me the possibility to send my images electronically to my clients all over the world.

But, my pencils and brushes still have to be in my hands every day. I am thankful in my peaceful and clear house/studio with a view on the Pacific that I can still be a daydreamer.